Monday, June 20, 2011

Strange Reviews

Throughout the summer, starting today, I'll be featuring Strange Reviews on my blog.

Strange Reviews are reviews of my work from people who know me and my work, as well as people who do not know me or my work. You can contact me if you'd like to write a post for Strange Reviews. Today's comes from Joseph Brooks, Indiana Resident and YouTube Aficionado.

"Brett Jenkins is many things: a triple-threat, a multi-hyphenate, and all that and more. But this is about poetry, and because she is my friend I have read her poetry and attended her readings. It was because I am her friend that I went to a reading, but it was because of the poems that I wanted to read more. Her poems are probably describable, but I'd rather say that they're indescribable, because then I don't have to compare them to other poets or poetry terms and forms or norms. When I choose material to read, I am not likely to choose poetry as a written form. But Brett's poetry does what I believe poetry is supposed to do: elicit emotions. Some poems are funny, others are sad, and it often isn't apparent which is which until the final line. Always interesting, I would recommend Brett's poems to non-poetry readers. It may surprise you. Plus, since most poems don't fill up the entire page, and Brett's are no exception, it makes you feel like you've read more than you really have."

Joseph Brooks, unemployed educator

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