Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This Friday at 509 E State St...

in Huntington. Come to the first stop of the Midwest Poetry Tour, and support the arts, and me, and Brent Chamberlin, and check out this rockin' poster that our dear friend Bryan Zabala whipped up for me. He's pretty good at these things. He's also designed some pretty amazing business cards for me, too.

Anyway, come out on Friday at 7PM and hang out with some pretty hip friends. And drink some coffee, or some Diet Coke, and bring your friends. Or bring a date (romance!!), and I'll try to read some sexy poems. See you there!

Pantera Bread

I keep having these dreams in which I stop writing poetry and start writing prose. Last night, I even dreamt a review of my first novel:

A mix between the place where the narrative comes running toward the arrival point and the place where the Buddhist comes running foggy-headedly toward Panera Bread.

I think I may have convinced myself to write fiction.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Computer is Lonely

My computer cord broke, so I had to come to the coffee shop to pay my bills, which wigs me out.  But I guess not as much as unironic comma splices do. 

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Next Saturday at the Firefly

Special thanks and adoration to/for Jimi Bonogofsky for making this stellar poster for next weekend. Tanya says it's like 10,000 leagues under the sea magicalness.

Come to the Firefly Coffee House on Saturday, July 3rd at 6PM to hear:

Tanya Jarrett (FINALIST for the Tampa Review Prize for Poetry),

Brett Elizabeth Jenkins (that's me!)

and musical guest Joe Ricke.

See you there.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Midwest Poetry Tour Dates

The dates and venues for the Midwest Poetry Tour are almost entirely set up. I think there are three or four cities I don't have venues for yet, but I figured I could post what I do have on here so we can start getting the word out. Also, if you're going to be in one of these cities and you are a poet or a musician, contact me and let me know if you're interested in participating.


July 2: Huntington, IN : 509 State St. @ 7PM

July 3: Ft. Wayne, IN : Firefly Coffee House - 3523 North Anthony Boulevard @ 6PM

July 6: Grand Rapids, MI: Electric Poetry (radio: 88.1 FM) @ 10:30 PM

July 7: Grand Rapids, MI : Literary Life Bookstore - 758 Wealthy Street SE @7PM

July 9: Toledo, OH : Ground Level - 2636 W. Central Ave @ 7PM

July 13: Cleveland, OH - NO VENUE YET

July 16: Columbus, OH - NO VENUE YET

July 17: Athens, OH : Donkey Coffee - 17 West Washington Street @ 7PM

July 20: Cincinnati, OH - NO VENUE YET

July 22: Nashville, TN : Poet’s Corner @ 19th & Grand - The Front Porch at Scarritt-Bennett: 1000 19th Ave. S @ 7PM

July 23: Indianapolis, IN : Laura’s Back Yard (Address Forthcoming) @ 8PM

July 24: Muncie, IN : Village Green Records - 519 North Martin Avenue - TIME TBA

July 27: Marion, IN : Beatniks Cafe - 123 East 3rd Street @9PM

July 30: Chicago, IL : NO VENUE YET

I hope to see you guys there!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Honestly Just Had to Send This to a Publisher...

Hello again-

I have just realized that the document I sent you was saved in what appears to be morse code or braille. Sometimes I don't know how computers do what they do. Anyway, I have attached a copy here that is written in real American letters. Please disregard the first document, unless of course you know morse code or braille.

Best regards,

Brett Elizabeth Jenkins

Well Here This Thing Is

Things happen, and we write them down. Anyway, that's what I've been told. And so I got a blog.

Here are some of those things that happened, and even some that haven't happened yet:

I just finished up my MFA at Bennington, and now that I'm done, I'm a Master, and I have a lot of Masterly things to do. Mainly, though, I'm just wearing my hood everywhere. The bank tellers don't get it, but I need to make the most of my 30K.

In July I'll be going on a poetry tour in the Midwest, so if you're going to be nearby, stop by. I'll be posting more about the dates and venues as it comes together a little more.

Then in August I'm going to be moving to Minnesota. Snowshoe donations are going to be accepted through the summer.

At any rate, I'm just sitting around the house until the tour starts, wearing my hood, forgetting to shower, and eating bagels. These are the things that Masters do.