Monday, January 30, 2012

Fat Turky, A Million Hours

I just got back from a weekend in Providence. I could live in that city. I guess I could live in any city, as not much is required of you to be able to live in a city except that you spend the majority of your time there, and you know where the grocery store is, and that sounds simple enough.

I had an interview at Brown for a spot in their MAT program. I don’t usually interview very well, because I usually start accidentally talking about Abraham Lincoln for no reason or something like that. I will know in several weeks about the decision. I’m not stressed out about it, because I know that I will either get in, or I will not get in. There is no unforeseen option.

If you haven’t seen it yet, my infamous poem FAT TURKY is up as bonus material on the Stoked website. It’s the original copy, and you can even see where I erased a lowercase “t” in “Turky” to replace it with an uppercase one, even though the word “fat” is not capitalized in the title. My first grade brain is truly something to behold.

Lots of other things are happening, though most of the time I’m not even certain what those things are. I have a list of projects that I am slowly working through all at once. On my family’s first computer, we had dial up internet, and I downloaded Napster onto it. You could download one song in a few hours. Often, I would download nine or ten songs at once, and it would take a million hours. This is the same way I write. All at once. A million hours.

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  1. I love this. I will have my hair crossed for the next couple of weeks until you hear from them. BRAIDS!