Tuesday, February 14, 2012


When I was in high school I called Valentine's Day "Fake Crappy Love Day." I have no comments to make about that, I just remembered that today.

I co-authored an e-chapbook called LOVE STORIES HATE STORIES, which is available for free today at NAP. You can go read it. I wrote the Hate Stories poems, except for one. And Russ Woods wrote the Love Stories poems, except for one. I'll give you a clue about which Love Stories poem I wrote: it has to do with Abe Lincoln. How is nobody surprised?

Anyway, go read Russ's Love Stories and my Hate Stories, for whatever mood you're in today. And since it's valentine's day, remember to do something with candy today. As if I need an excuse to eat candy all day. Pshaw! I most certainly do not. But I'll take it.

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