Sunday, July 25, 2010

More News From the Road

It's been a crazy time on the road. I have just one more show--this Tuesday, July 27 in Marion, IN. I'll be reading at Beatnik's Cafe @ 9PM, so bring your friends, your heckling shoes, and an appreciation for me, of course.

My poet pal Christopher runs Vouched Books, a really great organization that gets small press publications out to the public, so you should go czech that out, and read his blog. The most recent post was about our reading in Indianapolis at Calvin Fletcher Coffee Co., a not-for-profit coffee shop with an amazing menu and a cozy atmosphere for things like doin' homework or reading some killer poetry. About 40 people and several fruit flies came out to the reading. Thanks! This photo courtesy of Christopher's pal Brandon. Check out more on Vouched Books!

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  1. Great reading with you, Brett! Congrats on your upcoming wedding, and best of luck in MN.