Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Earth is Spinning Rapidly On Its Axis

And because the Earth is spinning rapidly on its axis, it's morning. Sort of, late morning. And I have just gotten up and found an email in my inbox telling me I've been accepted for the September issue of decomP Magazine. So look for a poem by me there!

Another thing: if you know where Nashville is, go there on July the 22nd (a week from today) and listen to me for a whole hour! What could be better than that? Below is some info they've sent out in an email, which I've copied in detail save for the corny picture of me. It also says I'm currently earning my MFA, which is a dirty lie, as I have already obtained it.



Join fellow poetry enthusiasts for a monthly reading by a featured local poet. The environment is informal and conversation between the poet and audience is encouraged.

FEATURED POET: BRETT ELIZABETH JENKINS lives in Indiana. She is currently earning her MFA from Bennington. Look for her work in Anderbo, Writers' Bloc, PANK, The Medulla Review, and elsewhere.

POET'S CORNER CALENDAR: The 4th Thursday of every month (except Nov. & Dec.)

Visit for a list of featured poets.

The Front Porch @ Scarritt-Bennett 1000 19th Ave. S., Nashville 37212 (corner of Grand and 19th) gallery F. and The Front Porch gift shop, bookstore, and coffee bar will be open from 6:30 - 8:30p. More info: E-mail

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