Saturday, November 14, 2015

Logbook: The First Three Days

As I was complaining the other day about not writing enough down, not cataloging my life, a friend recommended a technique that Austin Kleon talks about here. Keeping a calendar of past events. Or, keeping a logbook.

I pulled out an old notebook that had failed food diary entries in it from earlier in 2015 and started writing down the cold hard facts. What did I do today? What did I eat? Who did I see? Today's my third day, and while I don't feel an enormous change in how I'm feeling re: not writing recently, it is kinda nice to just sit for five minutes and have something easy to put down on paper.

My entries are not as beautiful as Kleon's, whose little doodles are charming as hell (pictured right).

Today I'm going to try to write a poem, and I'm not going to beat myself up if it doesn't go well. Maybe I'll just write for fifteen minutes and see what I can crank out. Pretty low stakes.

Today is also my three-year yogaversary, so I'm thinking of practicing today, even though I already took a shower. A very good Rockin' Shower, with many over-the-top dances to Ace of Base and Men Without Hats. Of course, I will have to jot down my shower dances in my captain's log.

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