Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Some Thoughts on Plagiarism

Somebody even typed & scanned this bad boy.
Many of you probably know that I wrote a very short poem in graduate school that was co-opted by a group of who I assume to be teenage girls. It was reblogged all over Tumblr, and I didn't know until one afternoon when Will yelled "Holy crap, come look at this!"

I was super flattered, of course, and still am. But I guess all these people have been plagiarizing that poem. The sentiment of the poem is basic. I'm sure other people have had the same thought, but the ripoffs are blatant. And terrible, at that.

I never thought that this would be a problem I have. I call it a problem, but it's not really a problem. It's more of a nuisance. My mom used to tell me and my sister (and told me again on the phone the other day) that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. But I can think of flattering things to do that are way better than plagiarizing my poem.

For instance, send me a dollar. Or a muffin.

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