Sunday, January 18, 2015

Update: 101/1001

I took another look today at the list I made back in June (I wish were June right now) of the 101 things I wanted to complete in the next 1001 days. I have just 773 days left to complete everything on this list. Let's see what's up.

1. Finish list of 101 things (Completed 6/4/14)

2. Read a book together (Things That Are – Amy Leach) This one is a bit of a cheat, because we both taught the book for our Fall 2014 classes, but I'm counting it anyway. 
3. Spend nothing for two weeks
4. Create list of life goals
5. Go canoeing
6. Go to a scotch tasting
7. See the orchestra
8. Bike ride & picnic (Completed 6/29/14)
9. See a live sporting event (Twins game! Completed 9/13/2014)
10. Go to 4 live concerts per year (Completed for 2014)
(2014: 4/4) (Zombie Pit Orchestra, Old Crow Medicine Show, Dred I Dredd, Jenny Lewis, Wilkinson James)
11. Go camping
12. Go sailing
13. Visit a museum (Shipwreck museum, Duluth MN)
14. Get a pet
15. See a meteor shower
16. Ride a tandem bicycle

17 Do yoga at least 12 times per month (6/33) (I slacked a few months near the end of 2014)
18 Take 30 yoga classes in 30 days
19 Hold crow pose for at least 5 breaths (Completed 6/10/14)
20 Teach yoga (Completed 6/5/14)
21 Participate in a race of some kind (do eating-based races count?)
22 Bike or walk to work when possible instead of driving
23 Work toward full splits on both sides
24 Try a new kind of exercise or class

25 Go to my 10 year high school reunion (missed it)
26 Get a passport
27 Go to France
28 Visit 3 new states (Maine, Alaska, TBD)
29 Go backpacking
30 Take a cross-country road trip (Completed 7/1/2014: Minnesota to Vermont and back)
31 Visit a famous landmark I've never been to
32 See something that claims it's the “world's largest” of whatever that thing is
33 Do something that scares me (participated in Write Fight on TV!) (Completed 6/6/14)
34 Go snow shoeing
35 Go skydiving
36 Visit the Boundary Waters
37 Go to the zoo
38 Meet somebody famous
39 Ride in a hot air balloon
40 Go to an amusement park
41 Visit the Mall of America
42 Swim with a dolphin
43 Visit a national park I've never been to
44 Go somewhere haunted

45 Participate in at least 4 poetry reading events per year (2014, 2015, 2016)
(Compteted for 2014: Wunderkammer, The Soap Factory, Midstream, Write Fight, SHORE, Bennington Reunion reading, Rosalux Gallery, Maeve's, Magers & Quinn 20th Anniversary party, Harriet Brewing, Sisyphus Brewing)
46 Read at least 4 books per month (3/33) (I've been a HUGE slacker in this arena)
47 Write down all books read & movies watched for the duration (8/33)
48 Get into at least 1 top-tier journal (0/1)
49 Write at least 15 poems per month (1/33)
50 Put together a solid full-length manuscript (working on this NOW!)
51 Get 100 rejections per calendar year (magazines, contests, etc.) (2014, 2015, 2016) (got 78 for 2014)
52 Get head shots taken by a real person instead of my iPhone
53 Go on a writing retreat
54 Enter & win a writing contest (Revolver's Write Fight II – 6/14)
55 Take a class at the Loft (Todd Boss manuscript class)
56 Publish another chapbook (OH NO EVERYTHING, coming out March 2015!)
57 Apply for a PhD program in creative writing
58 Write a short story
59 Attend at least 50 readings (9/50) (Write Fight II, SHORE, Bennington, Rosalux, Maeve's, Trotter's, Amy Leach, Harriet Brewing, Sisyphus Brewing)

60 Try to buy mainly used clothing (Haven't bought anything new in ages!)
61 Try 10 new board games (5/10 : Lost Cities; Zombicide; Undermine; Lords of Waterdeep, The Resistance: Avalon)
62 Do a new thing every day for 1 month (Completed 6/22)
63 Go through my clothes & donate what I don't wear (Completed 6/6/14) (I'm going to have to do this one again)
64 Host a dinner party
65 Take a photo every day for a month (Completed July 1 2014)
66 Get my weird tattoo covered up
67 See the Northern Lights
68 Go back to vegetarianism
69 Sing Men In Black at karaoke (proudly done, but not well)
70 Throw something into a wood chipper
71 Milk a cow
72 Say yes more

73 Give up all social media for 1 week
74 Keep blog updated: at least 4 posts per month (1/33) (hahaha)
75 See all movies on AFI top 100 (28/100)
76 Go to the drive-in
77 Watch all the movies we own that I haven't seen
78 Give up internet games for a year (this is the year!)

79 Cook 20 new recipes (4/20)
(roasted summer vegetable pasta, portobello mushroom burgers, potato skins, rosemary chicken)
80 Try being vegan for 1 month
81 Try 5 new foods (2/5: fish tacos, dates)
82 Eat something I grew myself (Basil)
83 Be diligent about composting and recycling (I've been pretty good about this so far!)
84 Cook all my own meals for a month (no dining out)

85 Tackle the books
86 Organize the kitchen
87 Plant something (basil, jade, dill)
88 Get a huge bookshelf
89 Wall art (we're on our way here, too)
90 Get a new computer
91 Get real bedroom furniture (dressers)
92 Decorate the bedroom so it doesn't look like a prison cell

93 Try 10 new restaurants (6/10)
(Cosi, Sea Salt, Twisted Fork, Leaning Tower of Pizza, Flashbacks, Salut Bar Americain)
94 Go on a brewery tour (Alaskan brewery, Fitger's)

95 Go to the Minnesota State Fair
96 Attend Minneapolis movies in the park or music in the park
97 Rocky Horror Picture Show midnight showing
98 Go to the farmer's market
99 Go to 4 summer festivals every summer
(Completed for 2014): (4/4) (Grand Old Day, Northern Spark, St. Cloud Art Crawl, Highland Fest)
100 Explore Minneapolis & St. Paul on my bike
101 Have dinner on a rooftop patio

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