Saturday, November 19, 2011

AWP Dreams and Other Updates

Last night I dreamt I accidentally showed up to AWP a week early, but there were all these booths set up anyway. Real dorky guys selling crappy made-at-home comic books. I bought a new outfit and was wearing really classy stuff, guys. Really classy. And I had to meet dorky make-your-own comic book guys instead of, you know, AWPeople.

Rest assured, I will do my best to make it to AWP on schedule in real life, because advance copies of my chapbook, Ether/Ore, will be available for perusal!

Another surprise is that I have a split ebook coming out on Valentine's Day with poet Russ Woods, who is also a librarian, rap aficionado, and co-editor of Red Lightbulbs. If you want to check out the cover of our soon-to-be-book, go here!

The end of the year is coming up and aside from writing my butt off, I'm also eagerly awaiting some rejections to add to the heap, and looking forward to some 2012 publications! Can't wait to see my name in an issue of Beloit Poetry Journal and an issue of RHINO, two publications I respect the hell out of.

Go forth and be merry, eat some turducken, and show up to AWP on time, okay?

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