Saturday, March 26, 2011

1 Year, 100 Rejections

My good friend Tanya Jarrett had this idea, not me. But a great idea anyway: to try and get 100 rejections within the span of one year. We started on September 1st, and the idea is to send out good poems (not crappy limericks I wrote in college), and continue to write poems during the year.

I can say that submitting is a huge pain for me, even electronic submissions. I have to sit down and commit a few hours to actually creating documents for each place I'm submitting, refamiliarize myself with submission guidelines, and then fill out forms or write emails and cover letters.

I usually have more fun doing this if I know I ought to be doing something else, like being at work.

As of today, I have 46 rejections so far this year. Zero acceptances. But here's hoping at least one will come this year. If not, I can always print out my rejections and papier-mâché the kitchen table, or a small hut.


  1. I appreciate this very much, and am trying it this year, as of September 1, 2011.